Some famous brand logos and their color schemes

Some Famous brands and their color palettes

Extraordinary branding isnt done in a day! Have a look at some of the most popular brand’s logos color palettes to get motivated while choosing the color range for your endeavor. Things being what they are, each effective brand has an extremely deliberate logo color scheme that conveys a quite certain message and resonates with its target group. In this article, you’ll figure out how to insightfully pick logo color schemes dependent on your extraordinary image, and get enlivened by inconceivable visual models and why they work. How about we go?

How to choose a logo color scheme?

Colors are incredible! They impact how we see things and react on an enthusiastic level. This particularly sounds valid with regards to logo designing. While picking a color scheme for a logo design, there are a couple of fundamental variables to consider. We should go over them momentarily prior to sharing some examples. 

1. Define your brand voice

Before you even begin considering colors, you need to have a decent comprehension of your brand voice. Who are your clients? What guarantee would you say you are making them? What esteems does your image maintain? These are inquiries you should know the response to prior to characterizing your logo’s color palette.

A decent spot to begin is by selecting the keywords that best portray your image. In case your brand’s keywords are “natural,” “neutral,” and “quiet,” for instance, you’ll presumably need to avoid strong colors like reds and oranges. 

Keep in mind, there’s no firm standard that says you need to pick a color scheme whose importance impeccably fits the brand, however you’ll need to try not to pick colors that are contradictory to your brand’s keywords and qualities.

2. Study your competitors

Then, do a little research to determine what colors comparative brands are utilizing to pass on their message. This will give you a decent sign of what works for your industry, yet in addition how you can separate yourself from your rivals. 

Consider how you might consolidate certain colors so your logo design stands apart from the opposition yet additionally remains true to your image.

3. Understand the basics of color-psychology

Attempt to acquaint yourself with the implications behind various colors before you choose the fundamental color scheme for any logo design. Then, at that point, think about what different qualities you should pull in to discover secondary colors.

There are by and large acknowledged implications in the greater part of the Western world for the most well-known colors (or shades). Know that various societies decipher color implications in an unexpected way, so you’ll need to investigate color implications pertinent to your region.

color psychology chart

Let's take a look at some famous companies' logos and their color schemes


firefox logo

In 2019, Mozilla’s Firefox underwent a massive rebrand with the help of Ramotion—a renowned design agency. Firefox’s new logo’s color scheme mixes both cool and warm tones utilizing an angle like impact. The differentiating purple and orange give the logo a strong look and feel that makes the app very simple to discover among your other applications.


figma logo

Figma is a web based collaborative design software that is changing the manner in which design teams work. Its logo draws on an intense and energetic color palette against a dim background that truly makes these tones pop. 

As per Figma’s brand rules, their image “colors are established in plan history—drawing motivation from innovators like Paul Rand, and the lively color schemes of the Modern time.”


duolingo logo

The popular language-learning application Duolingo went with a “Feather Green” roused by their bird mascot to address their image. As an instructive application, utilizing this radiant green tone works effectively to inspire development and new learnings.


asana logo

Asana’s unmistakable color palette mixes together the warmest tones on the color wheel in an excellent inclination. 

As a task management tool to assist groups with getting coordinated, Asana’s logo color scheme is enthusiastic, fiery, and inventive—the inclination clients will ideally have when utilizing this app.


mailchimp logo

Mailchimp is an advertising and email mechanization tool that has consistently been known for their amazingly recognizable brand color scheme of yellow and black.

The yellow goes inseparably with their monkey mascot, yet in addition brings out sensations of imagination and euphoria. The black then again, ingrains a sensation of force and strength. These dualities work really hard to convey an amazing yet amicable way to deal with marketing.


dribble logo

Dribbble’s notable pink color palette is perhaps the most unmistakable component of the brand image. As an innovative and creative community, the pink functions admirably to impart liveliness, innovativeness, and happiness.


slack logo

Slack is a messaging tool that numerous distant groups use to remain associated. Their multi-hued logo is loaded up with splendid colors that work to remain against the profound purple foundation of its primary interface. It’s fun, welcoming, and invigorating—the inclination that accompanies interfacing with individuals from everywhere in the world.


collibra logo

As a data intelligence company, Collibra’s logo colors are incredibly receptive. Its dark blue and dazzling green bob off one another making a well disposed, yet refined color story. Combining these two tones as one evokes trust, and accommodation.


zendesk logo

Zendesk is a client assistance software. Their fundamental brand color is “Kale” and it’s a dark blue-green shade that makes a pleasant difference against white, which is likewise an essential color in their logo design.

As an instrument to impart and uphold clients, Zendesk’s logo color scheme sends an amazing message of trust, lucidity, and lowliness with regards to their image.

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