A beautiful logo is incomplete without a concept

We have serviced over 200 business with conceptual logo design!

Brandworks Logo design

Beauty + Design + Method = Great Logo

3 step design approach

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We understand what your vision is and is it you seek. But - we also tell you what is it that you possibly overlooked. Then put together some basic thoughts of what the logo should communicate

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We create sketches, and share two concepts based on your needs and our understanding, these could be logo wireframes, black and white just fully rendered in color. Depends on the designers mood 😉

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The Result that we crave for is to give you something you love. You get the final logo with all the options, rendered files, social media kit and stationery design to get started. Request add-on collateral for a small cost!


Golden Ratio

This methodology has been recognized all over the world for producing some of the most beautiful logos and icons. It has become famous and well recognized and only credible and knowledgeable logo designers use it.

Golden ratio is basically a theorem based on the Fibonacci equation which implies that everything beautiful in the world from atoms to galaxies are based on this ratio.

You can check out these articles to know more about the Golden ratio.

galaxy based on Golden Ratio
galaxy based on Golden Ratio

Our Logo Portfolio

These are some of our recent logo designs for clients(name changed). A few our design concepts to showcase how we approach logos. Please click on the logo to view an enlarged version. Some of these are available for sale, you can contact us to obtain the brand rights.

*All rights reserved, please do not copy, or replicate logos as it may lead to legal action

Our Happy Logo Design Clients!

“Absolutely stunning output, really wanted something that was clean and simple and had a concept to it. Love it!.”

Robert Burnwood

“Was sick and tired of working with free lance designers, I needed  someone who was not very expensive but delivered quality logo in time! Thx!”

Lily Garner

“We wanted something that is unique and communicates by business at first glance and that is what we got!”

Jason Foxx

“Superb work, love the output and the timing! Thank you.”

Ron Burnwood

“Love the brand psychology analysis that they brought to the table and then went into design! Great approach BW!.”

Dr. Melissa Zochonvich

“Impeccable stuff, keep up the good stuff guys!”

Jamie Horseshoe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a logo example?

A logo is a name, mark, or symbol that represents an idea, organization, publication, or product. Typically, logos (such as the Nike "swoosh" and Apple Inc.'s apple with a bite missing) are uniquely designed for easy recognition. It usually is created a symbol to create a recall value.

What are the characteristics of a logo?

A logo that is relatable to your target group, creates trust and communicates your business through design is usually a good logo.

What are the qualities of a good logo?

Well it should be simple, clear, colors should stand out from the background and should be easily adaptable on different screens and print options. There should be no visibility issues.

Do I need a logo?

Well, if you are into a business or freelancing, then definitely you need one.

How much should your logo design cost?

The cost of logo varies depending on who is doing the job. It usually is dependent on the background and experience of the designer. It may cost you anywhere between $0 to $10000. However, if you are an individual or a small business, a good logo will cost you between $300 to $1500 dollars.

Why choose us?

It's simple, we are better and a one stop shop for startups. If you go with a big agency, they will charge you a bomb. If you go with any agency or freelancer, possibility is that you will be duped for a slapstick graphic in the name of a logo.

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